Anti Establishment Dressing For You

Fashion is always influenced by the social and economic movements of the society of that time. The late 70s saw the anti establishment movement of the youth which resulted in establishment of rock bands.  The members of the rock band dressed themselves in the loud and somewhat weird type of clothes. This fashion statement of that time was known as punk and the clothing as punk dress.

Features of punk dresses

  • The punk means a worthless person, a criminal or an inexperienced person. It is used to show anti establishment views of the younger generation in 70s and 80s. The younger generation used every possible symbol which offended the generation of the post world war II. The fashion started with the dressing of the members of the rock bands who dressed themselves by self designed clothes. These clothes became the fashion statement among the youth. They started copying the style.
  • This style of clothing was initially handmade, but with the start of 80s it became commercialized and was made available in the fashion stores. There were limited stores that sold such kind of clothing.
  • The flag bearers’ of the punk culture did everything which was against the class system. They used every symbol from swastika which was the symbol of the Nazi party on their T- shirts with the photographs of Stalin and the Mussolini on their T shirts.
  • Punk clothes became the statement of the rebellious nature of the youth and every youth connected him with the fashion.