Funky T-Shirts For The Grown Up Boys

T-shirt is the most comfortable type of men’s clothing. Men of all the ages love to wear T-shirt for the casual affairs. The best thing about T-shirt is that it can be paired with the jeans, trousers, shorts or capris. These are available in different fabrics and colors to give you the attractive looks. Printed and textured t-shirts are in great demand by the boys. These days, customized T-shirts are also very popular among the boys. These types of T-shirts give a personal touch to your dress.

mr bean toy

T-shirts with the character prints

It is generally seen that boys are fantasized by the action heroes and animated heroes. They love to wear the T-shirts with the printed images of Superman, Spiderman, Batman and others.  You can also find Mr bean t shirts, t-shirts with animated pictures of these action heroes or cartoon characters in different poses to feel the power of superheroes. So, many prints are there which make your T-shirt attractive. If you are looking for the custom printed t-shirts, you can get your favorite character printed on the T-shirts for the customized looks.

Object printed T-shirts

Various types of fun objects for the kids like sports equipments, animated objects, logo of the popular cartoon channels and  names of the cartoon or action hero are also fantasizing for the little as well as grown up boys. They love to wear such kind of T-shirts and flaunt their styles. These types of t-shirts are easily available these days at the online clothing stores or the custom printing stores.

“Less is More” – Eye Makeup for Fall/Winter 2017

This winter, the mantra for makeup seems to what is called ‘Maximum Minimalism’. There is an effort to keep the makeup to a bare minimum. However, there is an emphasis on eyes with the use of feathery eyelashes on the top that make the eyes look larger.

Alternatively, there is an emphasis on bringing attention to the lower lashes by drawing them larger. Eyeshadow is used in bright colours to give a jewelled or bolder look. The black liner used all around with shimmer, or creating a wishbone winged look or a two-toned with different colours on top and bottom will showcase the eye. Be sure to keep the rest of the makeup bare and neutral.

Know the Trends for Fall Winter 2017

The colour that is trending for Fall/Winter 2017 is red. From across the runways, and from Fendi to Givenchy to Alberta Ferretti to Giambattista Valli, red was what stood out for clothes – from jumpsuits to coats and for shoes and accessories for the Fall/Winter collection of 2017.

This will spill into Spring 2018. Fashionistas across are pairing red with various shades of pink and creating a style that stands out. Red has been proven to suit almost all skin tones and its sharpness is evident especially in materials such as leather and velvet.