3 Aug 2014

The Cat Tag

I was browsing through Bloglovin this morning when I came across Georgie's Cat Tag over on Bean's Beauty Blog. Being the crazy cat lady that I am, I thought I'd give it a go :) 

1. Breed or Stray?

A moggie! I wouldn’t say stray, as a stray is a cat that’s not domestic, right?

2. Regardless of your previous answer, what would your favourite breed be?

I don’t really know much about breeds of cats, I’ve always had moggies and they’re my favourite J I do prefer short haired over long haired though.

3. Any cat themed clothes or accessories?

Yes, I featured my cat print dress in my ‘Five Favourite Items in My Wardrobe’ post yesterday. I also have a t-shirt with two black cats on the front.  

4. What’s your kitty’s name?

Panda J She’s black and white, obviously. My boyfriend named her as soon as we saw her. My mam hated the name at first but now I couldn’t imagine calling her anything else!

5. Favourite toy?

She loves to play with hair bobbles. If I leave a hair bobble lying around she pinches it. She likes tp throw them around, but she also likes it if you throw bobbles for her to catch!

6. What’s your kitty’s favourite food?

Well, she’ll eat just about anything. My Mam generally feeds her her cat food, so I'm not sure about that, but she is partial to yoghurt, ice cream and haggis! She’s on a diet now so all those treats are very rare now!!!

7. Lazy or fierce hunter?

Lazy, definitely lazy! She has her fierce hunter moments, but sleeping is her favourite activity…

8. Favourite activity?

See above ↑

9. Does your cat have any strange habits?

Hmm I can’t think of any right now. In-between sleeping and eating she doesn't really have much time for strange habits!

I tag anyone who is also a crazy act lady. Let me know if you do it...