23 Apr 2014

How I Style: Matching Monochrome #1

Is Monochrome getting a little boring? I don't think so! Some people only ever wear black, I could never do that. I need colour and print in my wardrobe. Although, I am loving monochrome right now, it just looks so classy, and a bright red lip looks amazing with monochrome. 

This first Monochrome outfit is a co‐ord, everyone's loving them right now, including me. What's not to love? A statement outfit that takes basically no thought. Just pick the print you want, grab the top and bottom and away you go. 

Obviously I went for monochrome stripes today. I love me a fitted midi skirt, they're so flattering on my body shape. The cut out shape of the crop top is also very flattering across the shoulders. A pair of black heels keep it simple, and a red lip peps it up. 

Top = New Look/Skirt = New Look/Shoes = similar

Have you been wearing co‐ords? Let me know where you got yours from!

22 Apr 2014

Schwarzkopf Essence ULTIME Omega Repair Shampoo & Conditioner

I kept on seeing this advertised on TV and thought I'd give it a go, as we all know I'm a sucker for a new shampoo & conditioner! If you haven't seen said advert, this range by Schwarzkopf was developed with Claudia Schiffer, hence her being the face of the brand. 

I chose the Omega Repair Shampoo & Conditioner, as it 'was especially developed for damaged, depleted hair. It's divine, extra rich formula rebuilds damaged in the cells and prevents split ends up to 90% for revived natural hair beauty and healthy shine.' 

Sounds perfect for my bleached out hair, right?

First of all, lets talk about the scent. I'm so sensitive to scent which is why it's so important to me. This range has a rather nice scent. It's sort of a perfumed scent which isn't too strong, but sticks around in my hair for a little while. 

The shampoo is nothing to write home about. It makes my hair feel clean without leaving it stripped. I only need to use a small amount to get a good lather. 

The conditioner has a nice consistency. It's not very thick but it does leave my hair feeling smoothed and moisturised. Also, as it has a lightweight consistency, it doesn't weigh my hair down.  

I think this is a great everyday shampoo & conditioner, but I'm not sure I would repurchase it. There are so many other shampoo & conditioners that I want to try out, this range isn't special enough to warrant a repurchase. 

Have you tried this range? Let me know your thoughts if you have!

21 Apr 2014

Monday Wishlist #10

1. River Island Yellow Wrap Crop Top: I said it a million times already, but I just love this colour! I also love wearing crop tops on nights, with high waisted skirts to cover the belly, of course! This wrap over shape will be flattering, and perfect for summer nights out. Even better if you're off on holiday somewhere soon. 

2. Miss Selfridge Salt & Pepper 90's Dress: This racerback shape neckline is so flattering and sexy, without showing much skin at all. This dress would look just as good with a pair of Converse as it would with a pair of sleek black heeled sandals. 

3. Topshop Striped Leather Purse: I am absolutely desperate for a new purse. Mine is literally falling apart and I don't know how much longer it's going to last before my money ends up loose in the bottom of my handbag! I've been looking for a new purse to replace it. I don't want an all black purse, as I loose it in my handbag, but I don't want a light coloured one, as it will get dirty super quickly. This monochrome purse is perfect, as we all know I love a bit of monochrome. This is more of a need than a want, I can feel a purchase coming on!

4. River Island Snake Print Cleated Sole Sandals: Chunky shoes are so popular right now. If you haven't got a pair, get some. This pair caught my eye because of the bright print. Wear with an all black outfit now, or with denim shorts and a bright vest top when the weather permits! 

What's on your Wishlist this week?