9 Mar 2017

Eat Drink Sunderland Restaurant Week 2017

Last week I,  along with lots of other lovely North East bloggers, descended on Sunderland for a night of food and drinks. We were invited to a Safari Supper, to celebrate the upcoming Sunderland Restaurant Week. Contrary to its title, we weren't off tasting crocodile and giraffe. Instead, the safari element of the night was that we travelled to different restaurants for each course of our meal. First, we stopped off at Cafe Purple for drinks and canapes...

We were given the brand new drinks menu, and it took ages to decide as there was such a big selection of cocktails to choose from. I went for a Paradise Mojito, and it tasted just as good as it looks! I'm heading out tomorrow night and I'm going to have to go back for one of these beauties. We were also treated to a selection of cheeses, ham, onion rings and dips, which were delicious. I'm not a hige cheese fan but I tried a little of most. 

24 Dec 2016

Understated NYE with Simply Be

As I mentioned in my last post, I haven't been blogging much recently. That's because I've been super duper busy with uni stuff and being on teaching placement. I've had no spare time at all! It's the Christmas holidays now though, so I thought I'd fit in a few posts while things were a little less manic. 

With New Years Eve coming up, I'm sure most of us are thinking about what we're going to wear when the big night comes around. When Simply Be asked if I'd like to choose some party shoes, I had NYE in mind when making my choice. I'm not a big party girl, and it's the same come NYE. I decided to go with a shoe that had a bit of bling, but with a chunky low heel I could wear all night without getting sore tootsies. The Sole Diva Jewelled Court Shoes were the perfect mix of snazzy and sensible for me  

22 Dec 2016

Festive Pampering with Buscopan

Have you heard of Irritable Bowl Syndrome? It's a bit of a taboo subject, who wants to talk about going to the toilet, eh? IBS is a condition that affects around 15-20% of the population. I find that stress is the main cause of my IBS, and as I began teacher training in September I found it to be a bigger problem than usual. As you can imagine, suddenly needing to go to the toilet in the middle of a lesson is not a great experience. 

Luckily for me, this has only actually happened to me once throughout my training so far, which is down to taking Buscopan. I find that it prevents my IBS flare-ups, and in turn, I feel less stressed about it. When I do get a flare up, I feel stressed and panicky about getting to a toilet, which in turn makes the flare up worse. Buscopan has really helped me control these horrible flare-ups. 

30 Nov 2016

Tangle Teezer Blow-Styling Smoothing Tool

I hate blow drying my hair. It takes forever as my hair is so thick, and I feel like the brush I use damages my wet hair. That's where the Tangle Teezer Blow-Styling Smoothing Tool comes in...

The blow-drying hairbrush from Tangle Teezer is the innovative hairbrush which takes hair from wet to dry. With ground-breaking teeth technology, the Blow-Styling Smoothing Tool has fixed base teeth with built in tension and slight flexibility at the tips. Delivering flow tension, the teeth allows the hair to snake through for a quick, smooth and gentle blow-style without pulling or stretch-drying. 

5 Oct 2016

The Casual Going Out Dress | MissGuided Marble Dress

Sometimes when I go 'out out' I don't like wearing an over the top outfit. There's a time and a place for a bodycon dress, but a Friday night at the pub isn't it. That's where the casual going out dress comes into play...

This marble print dress from Missguided is the perfect mix of being sassy enough to wear with heels for a night out, while the t-shirt style means it can be worn casually, too. 

For a casual take on on this outfit, I've styled it with a pair of white trainers which basically go with anything. My New Look bomber jacket looks perfect with this marble print as the colours in the print are so similar to the bomber. 

3 Oct 2016

Student Raid | The Bridges, Sunderland

We all know I've recently become a student again, and that means having the perk of a student discount! I thought I'd give you a little heads up that tomorrow night is The Bridges, Sunderland's student night...

The event is running from 6pm until 10pm, with some stores having a discount of up to 50%! Stores already signed up to take part include Boots, Debenhams, River Island and New Look. There'll be a DJ in Topshop and also in Superdry, with the chance to win a Superdry house party. 

30 Sep 2016

Autumn Lip Picks 2016

It's a bit of a cliche, but I genuinely do change up the lip products I wear in the autumn months. A bit darker, a bit more on the berry side of things, just a bit more autumnal. Here are my five autumn lip picks...