26 Aug 2016

The Perfect Moisturising Combo for Oily + Sensitive Skin

My skin is tricky to find the right skincare for. I get super oily in my t-zone, but at the same time it gets very dehydrated and is also very sensitive. This means that I can't use any heavy products otherwise my skin gets uncomfortably oily very quickly, but I need something that does a good job at hydrating my skin. All this while making sure it isn't too scented, otherwise my skin will react by going bright red, being hot, itchy and generally uncomfortable. Not too much to ask for then...

The first product I've found that works wonders for my skin is The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Serum. This is a pre-moisturiser treatment for continuous, enhanced moisturisation and protection. As it is a serum, it has a nice, light texture which isn't oily at all. I can't stand oily textures on my skin, so this serum is perfect for me. It manages to be super lightweight while still leaving my skin feeling hydrated. I recently ran out of this and haven't got around to picking up another one and I can really feel a difference in my skin. 

24 Aug 2016

Bardot Dress | The Super Flattering Trend

You'd be hard pushed not to have noticed that bardot tops and dresses are a huge trend right now. I didn't get on board with it for quite a while as I didn't think it would suit me. 

I eventually decided to give this Missguided dress a go, and when it arrived I was very pleasantly surprised. The way it shows off my shoulders is very flattering, as is the way it skims my body in an a-line shirt. I love grey, too, so this dress is a winner for me!

I've styled it with a pair of lace-up sandals for this casual look, but I've also worn it with simple black heels for a night out and it looked perfect. 

22 Aug 2016

My Blog Writing Process

When I first started blogging, I would take a few photos, upload them and type up what I wanted to say then hit publish. Over the years I've learnt to edit my photos, and how my posts look has greatly improved. I've also developed an editing process for writing my posts, too. 

I start by jotting down any ideas I have in a notebook. These will mainly be post, titles, sometimes with a few notes alongside. Before I start writing the actual post, I always have my images sorted and ready to go. I find that having something visual in front of me helps me focus on I what I want to say in the post. 

19 Aug 2016

The Drugstore Cleanse | Soap & Glory, The Body Shop

Even though I'm almost 30 (eeek!), I have the skin of a teenager. Spotty and very oily, at least it's keeping the wrinkles at bay! Over the years I've tried various products, some expensive some not so much. I don't mind spending a little more on my skincare if it does good things for my skin, but right now all of the products I'm using are very affordable. What's more, they're working wonders on my skin! 

First up is the Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk. I use 2-3 pumps, massaging it onto my dry skin to lift away dirt and make-up. I like to remove the cleanser with a dampened cotton pad, rather than splashing my face with water. My skin tends to react badly to water being directly splashed on my face, while the dampened cotton pad soothes my skin rather than aggravating it. If I've been wearing make-up I'll repeat the process to make sure my skin is clean and all traces of make-up are gone. 

17 Aug 2016

Reebok Sneaks + Navy Tee | Cool Casual

I've never really been a jeans-and-tee kinda gal, but I am a comfort-comes-first kind of girl. That means when I just want to throw on a pair of trainers for a casual day, I like to keep the rest of my outfit looking cool. 

My new Reebok sneaks have blue details on the sole, so I pared them with my Topshop Jamie jeans and a basic navy tee. Even though the outfit is pretty basic, together I think they make a pretty cool outfit that looks like I actually made an effort while still being super comfortable. 

15 Aug 2016

Three North East Restaurants I Want to Visit

As I live quite far from Newcastle, and up until a couple of months ago had to rely on buses to get me back and forth from town, I've never really had a chance to visit all of the city centre restaurants that whet my appetite. I have a very long list of places I'd love to eat out at, here are my top three...

Hop & Cleaver 

Image courtesy of That's Peachy
Image courtesy of That's Peachy

Perusing the online menu, the Smoke Stack Cheeseburger sounds right up my street. That's Peachy's post has me drooling at how good the food looks, as well as the interiors! When I do get around to visiting, I'll have to try a couple of the Cleaver Cocktails, too, starting with the Sticky Maple Collins. Vodka, lemon juice and apple juice, topped with a splash of soda plus a side of maple syrup sounds delicious...

12 Aug 2016

I Got My Hair Did

I don't know about you, but I just love getting my hair freshened up. I used to have a full head of bleach, but hated it when my roots grew in. I eventually decided that I prefer how I look with a bit of root, so now I have a lovely cool brown shade painted onto my roots. I means I can go longer in-between appointments, too. 

I seem to leave it just a little too long though, and my hair goes my looking fine to looking like a mess seemingly overnight. I wasn't enjoying how long my roots had gotten, so I decided to have my colour brought up quite a bit, especially at the front, and the rest of my hair given a general freshen up.